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Why Work With Our Specialists

Eyelash Salon in Jacksonville Beach, FLHave you ever tried having your eyelashes worked on by a specialist? If your answer is no, a visit to The Lash Lounge Jacksonville Beach may be in order. We have put together a list of benefits to working with our specialists:

  • Services from Trained Professionals – When you come to a salon that specializes in eyelash services, you can rest assured that a trained specialist will be able to assist you with your needs. They receive extensive training to make sure that they always perform each service safely and correctly.
  • A Sanitary Salon – You want the technician working close to your eyes to be sanitary at all times. We are able to separate ourselves from other salons by properly sanitizing our tools for use near your eyes.
  • Use of a Proprietary System – Not only is our team well trained – they have access to a proprietary face-mapping service that you will not find at other salons. This system allows us to map your face and create custom services made specifically for your face.

Make an appointment at our eyelash salon in Jacksonville Beach, FL, to experience the difference yourself. Not only do we provide eyelash care, but our specialists will also be able to help you with your eyebrows and provide you with permanent makeup services.

Three Tips for Beautiful Eyebrows

Eyebrow Threading in Jacksonville Beach, FLWhether you know it or not, your eyebrows are one of the defining features on your face. If you do them wrong, you could change your look completely. We have put together a list of three tips that will give you better eyebrows:

  • Brush Your Brows – Did you know that your eyebrows need to be brushed as regularly as the hair on your head? If you want them to look perfect, you should make sure your brows are brushed before you start to apply any makeup.
  • Get a Trim – When your eyebrow hair gets too long, it can be hard to control your look. Have a professional trim your eyebrows or use a small pair of scissors to take care of them at home. It is essential to be mindful when cutting your eyebrows, as it is easy to trim them too short.
  • Use a Conditioner – Once again, your eyebrow hair needs to be treated like the hair on your head. This means you need to condition your eyebrows to make sure they do not get too dry. You can use a simple eye cream on your brows at night to achieve maximum results.

Maintain your eyebrow shape when you work with the team at The Lash Lounge Jacksonville Beach. In addition to our lash services, we offer eyebrow threading in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Call us today at (904) 204-2855 for more information about our services.